Winchester Speedway


Beginning 4/12/14 In order to compete in Super Late Model Division at Winchester Speedway,  drivers must have track approval . Judgment will be based on car control and speed. This rule is for the safety of all drivers.

1. No Radios, mirrors, or flashing lights

2. Tires: Front tires open: Rear tires one (1) hardness tire optional, American Racer 56 -48, Hoosier 1600 -1350, Crate 55, Crate 21 or LM-40. All tires must have number and identification on them, No chemicals allowed, tire will be checked with durometer at any time

3. Unified body rules.

4. Weight: Must Meet Weight Requirments at Anytime 

Open engines with 8" spoiler 2,300 lbs

Steel block Alum. heads: 2250 lbs  8” spoilers

Spec Engines: 2,200 lbs 8 rear spoiler 12” side spoilers SAS/SUPR spec heads and intake, must have markings on head and intake, any camshaft, and steel block.

525 Crate 2,200 lbs. 8” Spoilers.

604 and 602 crate 2150 12” spoilers

All steel engine 362 CU.IN. factory valve angle 2200 lbs 12” spoilers

Open steel engine 2300lbs. 8" Rear Spoiler, 12” side spoilers

6. Fuel: Any

7. Wet or dry sump oiling.

8. Any Ignition

9. No traction control devices; refer to protest rule #10.

10. Anything not covered must have official approval "When In Doubt Ask"

Updated 12/20/13


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