Winchester Speedway


1. Rear wheel drive compact 4 cyl cars, trucks, and station wagons allowed.

2. Engine - 2550 CC maximum.

3. Head –

                           Intake Exhaust

General 2300cc- 1.620    1.375

Motors 2474cc-  1.72      1.50

Ford 2300cc-      1.735     1.50

Nissan 2389cc-    1.657     1.5

Toyota 2366cc-    1.772     1.457

A. Factory head only. No porting and polishing. No roller cams. 2 valves per cylinder.Valves must be stock. Diameter of valves shall not exceed the following. Tolerance .010.

B. Factory open head, add 100 lbs to weight limit, Roller Cams Add 150lbs to weight limit

4. Carburetor: any  2 barrel

5. Weight -1# per cc  Must be on right fender, failing to do so means you carry max weight after the race.

6. Suspension - Wedge bolts permitted. Trailing arms may be aftermarket, uppers

maybe adjustable, must mount in stock location.  Shocks may be relocated. all

other parts must be in stock location.  No Canister type shocks.

7. Tires - 10" Racing tires max width.

8. Wheels - 10" max width

A. 8" wheels and tires may deduct 100lbs.

9. Body - 1971-1997 Rear wheel drive compact four cylinder cars, trucks and station wagons

allowed. Any type body. Must have tow hooks front and rear. Must have stock firewall & floor pan in drivers compartment only to the center of the hump.

10. No sport cars or front wheel drive.

11. Fuel - Any

12. Must have stock frame, front and rear, snout may be tied together if car has subframe. Tube frame with open suspension add 150 lbs, no birdcages.

13. No quick change rearends.

14. Must have working fire extinguisher, driver fire suit, helmet with shield and safety belts.

15. 1" dia. lug nuts minimum.

16. No traction control devices, refer to protest rule #10.

17. Transmission-Any

18. Anything not covered must have approval by track officials.

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