Winchester Speedway


1. Body:

   A. Rear wheel drive compact four cylinder cars allowed.

   B. Must be stock appearing.

   C. Must have full stock body, firewall and floor pan. Replacement sheet metal panels OK as long as maintaining stock appearance. Top and back deck must be factory or aftermarket.

   D. Must have tow hooks, front/rear.

2. Engines:

   A. Must match make of car and be in original position and powered by gasoline only.

   B. Hydraulic cams and lifters only.

   C. Lower end stock only,= .060 allowed. Must be stock cast replacement piston or hypereutectic type piston only. No forged or lightweight pistons or pins. No lightning of crankshafts. 5.4 length factory stock 4 cylinder rod is legal. .

   D. No high performance parts permitted unless otherwise stated.

   E. No roller rocker arms

   F. Cranking compression- 175lbs. with 0 tolerance. Will be checked with all plugs removed and throttle wide open until needle stops. If battery appears weak, charger may be attached.

   G. May run aftermarket pulleys, cam and crank.

   H. Ignition: Stock ignition only. No MSD.

3. Heads:

   A.Stock factory steel head only ,no off road heads.

     B. Valves must be stock diameter .010 tolerance. Lash Caps are Legal

GM.2300cc 1.620-1.375/ 2474cc.1.72-1.50

Ford 2300 1.73-1.50

Nissan 2389c-1.657-1.5 Toyata2366-1.72-1.457

   C. Valve Job: Max 3/4 in. Machine Cut from bottom of valve seat.

   D. Windage trays or aftermarket pan

4. Intake/Carb:

   A. Intake- Stock only. No polishing, porting or modifying. No fuel injected intake.

   B. Carburetor-  GAS ONLY!! No Oxygenated gas allowed. 4412 holley or smaller .1”spacer plate .030 thousandsmax. Carb must have choke horn and part number. $300 claim price

5. Exhaust - Headers allowed. $300.00.claim price

6. Flywheel/Clutch/Driveshaft:

   A. Stock clutch, pressure plate, and flywheel.

   B. Flywheel must weigh a minimum of 13 lbs. no modifactions

   C Must have 2” inspection hole in bottom of bellhousing

   D. Driveshafts: Steel, Factory only

7. Tires/Wheels:

    A. Wheels – 8 in. max. steel wheel max. Beadlock RR and RF.

    B. Tires - No racing or recapped tires. 7 1/2” maximum.

8. Suspension -Racing shocks permitted.A $70.00 claim price on shocks Must be stock length and mount same as factory location Rear axle may be locked. Wedge bolts legal. Top trail arms holes may be drilled for pinion angle ,center to center bolt holes must  be within  1in  of stock

9. Weight – 1 lb Per CC, Minimum Weighed 2000lbs, . Weight Must be displayed on left front fender. PROTEST WILL BE BASED ON WEIGHT THAT IS ON CAR Chevy's Only 2500 Max

10. General - Stock parts, stock position.

11. Must have working fire extinguisher, driver fire suit, helmet with shield and must have safety belts.

12. 1” diameter lug nuts minimum.

13. Mufflers or similar type of exhaust sound muffling device is required. Winchester Only.

14.Front wheel drives: No Honda vtec, no turbows,Must pull 18 in vacuum at 900rpm

2 Feature Wins In A Row: Must Start in the Rear of Your Heat Race. 3 Feature Wins In A Row Must Start In the Rear of The Feature. Starting 4/16/16


Updated 6/7/16

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