Winchester Speedway


These rules shall govern events conducted by the speedway. Rules and  regulations, if not covered herein, shall be decided by the track officials and their decisions will be final.


The speedway reserves the right to check, bar, fine or penalize anyone who violates these rules. The final interpretation of these rules will be handled by the officials of the speedway. We cannot make rules to fit everyone's needs or desires, so if you run, please be willing to go by the rules outlined. NO EXCEPTIONS.




A. Yellow Flag-Everyone slow down to a safe speed and follow the car you were behind the last green lap. You will be lined up on the track where you were running when the yellow flag was thrown, not the position you are now in.

B. Red Flag-This means danger, stop as quickly as possible. Do not pass the flagman with the flag displayed. The cars will again be lined up as they were running in the last green flag lap.

C. Black Flag-This means pull into the pits.

D. Lap Flag-Blue with yellow stripes is displayed to cars being lapped. Lapped cars must allow lead cars to pass.

E. White Flag-This flag signals one(1) more lap to go.

F. Green Flag-This flag will start the race. Cars may begin when the green flag falls and not before.

G. Checkered Flag-This flag means that the race is over.




1. All drivers, car owners, and anyone else must sign a release and purchase a

pit pass before entering the pit area.

2. No driver, car owner, or mechanic shall have any claims for damages, expense,

or otherwise against the track or its officials.

3. Drivers cannot switch from one division to another without authorized permission.

4. All drivers will be paid according to laps completed. You must start the feature to be paid.

5. Payoff on RED/CHECKERED Flag will be same as restart.

6. All participating race cars may be inspected by the track officials. Cars with very minor defects may be granted permission to race agreeing to make such changes by the next race.

7. Refusing to obey officials could result in laps taken away or suspension.

8. Any car caught illegal receives NO MONEY OR POINTS.

9. Any driver or car owner that does not collect their winnings the night of the race will not be paid, regardless.

10. Owners and drivers are to keep up with their winnings, expenses and anything pertaining to INCOME TAX.


12. Anyone seen with an achoholic beverage in hand may be removed.


14. When the race event is halted due to adverse weather conditions, prize money and points will be advanced only to drivers in those events completed prior to postponement. One feature race will complete the race event in a rain out situation. No money will be refunded for any reason.

15. Cars cannot leave the track until fifteen minutes after completion of the feature race.

16. No riding of passengers on or in race cars.

17. No courtesy laps, any division.

18. No flashing lights, radios, or mirrors in any division.


General Safety Rules


1. Cars entering, exiting, and traveling through the pits must travel at a slow, safe rate of speed.

2. All cars must be equipped with a fully charged fire extinguisher with gauge in good working order and installed with easy reach of the driver.

3. Fire resistant suits are mandatory of all drivers and fire suits will be worn any time car is on the race track.

4. All drivers must wear 2005 Snell, or newer approved helmets with the face shields or goggles.

5. Window nets are recommended for all division.

6. Driver must be able to exit from both sides of the car.

7. Rollover cut-off switch must be used with any electric fuel pump.

8. All cars must have padding on roll bars in drivers area.

9. All cars in all classes must be equipped with four point roll over protection with 3 bars in the drivers side and 2 bars in the right side. Bars must be of adequate thickness installed in a safe manner, welding and fitting.

10. All doors must be welded or bolted shut.

11. All glass and flammable materials must be removed.

12. Racing type bucket seat mandatory in all classes with seat frame fastened to roll cage and door bars.

13. A quick release safety belt no less than 3" wide is compulsory. 3" wide shoulder harness compulsory. Safety belts must come from behind driver. Shoulder belts must be anchored behind the driver at shoulder height. Must use a minimum 3/8" grade 5 bolts for belt installation. Crotch belts recommended.

14. If the battery is in the drivers compartment, it must be in an approved marine battery box, top and bottom and be securely bolted down with 1" x 1/8' metal straps.

15. A drive shaft safety loop made of 1/4" chain minimum will be installed near the front of the driveshaft.

16. Driveshafts will be painted white or aluminum for visibility.

17. Gas tanks or fuel cells must be secured with (4) 1" x 1/2" steel straps and 3/8' bolts. If mounted in the trunk area with (2) straps each way.

18. Cars must have complete firewall front and rear.

19. All holes in the firewall and floorpan must be covered with 22 gauge sheet metal or thicker.

20. If fuel line runs inside of car, it must be in 1 peice rigid metal conduit or steel braid hose.

21. All weight added to car must be bolted or welded, painted white and have car number on it. NO EXCEPTIONS.

22. All cars must have a minimum of three 3/8' diameter bars in the windsheild area in front of the driver.




1. Any driver, car owner, mechanic or crew member who encourages or participates in adverse demonstrations or fights on the track property or surrounding premises before, during or after a race event shall be subject to a fine, immediate suspension, and or loss of prize money and championship points. Minimum fine will be $100.

2. Any driver, car owner, mechanic, or crew member who shall commit assualt or threaten to do bodily harm to speedway officials or persons under their orders, shall be barred from competition at the speedway and subject to prosecution.

3. If in the judgement of officials there is unnecessary roughness on the track, the race will be stopped, and the person involved will be put in the pits.

4. The conduct of an owner, driver, mechanic, or crew member that is considered unsportsmanlike in the continuance of an event shall be subject to a fine, suspension, and or barred from futher competition at the speedway.

5. The driver alone will be held responsible for the conduct of their crew members. The driver alone shall be the sole spokesman for their car in any matter pertaining to the race and must talk to the officials in charge.

6. Any driver, car owner, mechanic, or crew member who verbally abuses or ridicules any speedway official or person under speedway orders shall be subject to a fine, immediate suspension, and/or loss of prize money and the championship points.

7. Any driver, car owner, mechanic, or crew member who climbs on the flagstand without being instructed to do so will be fined $100.00 and subject to being barred.

8. Any fines or suspensions must be settled with speedway officials before a driver, car owner,or crew member will be allowed to participate in another event at the speedway.

9. The management reserves the right to refuse entry to any car or person without question.


General Race Procedures


1. All starts will be running starts, two cars abreast. If the race is stopped for any reason after the first lap, the cars will re-start in single file in the same position they were prior to the waving of the red or yellow flag. Cars must stay in the same position until the green flag is dropped. The flagman

reserves to stop the race at any time.

2. Any cars involved in an accident will be lined up in the rear of the line as they were on the track the previous lap Any car for which the yellow flag is displayed must start in the rear. Completition of a lap will be when all cars cross the start/finish line.

3. All races will start and re-start at the flagmans designated place.

4. Each car must hold their starting position until the green flag is displayed.

5. Any car that does not maintain starting formation may be penalized.

6. Double line starts for 2 attempts. The 3rd will start single file.

7. Any car or driver that leaves the track after the completion of the first lap will go to the back of the field.

8. Working on cars is not allowed on any part of the track. One lap will be taken away if car is worked on, on the track.

9. No one from the pits on the racing surface after the red flag without the pit stewards permission.

10. Anyone stopping to argue with the officials will be black flagged.

11. Any car that causes a caution 3 times in the same race will be black flagged.

12. Rough driving will not be tolerated. Penalties will be accessed at officials discretion.

13. Vacant start or restart positions will be filled by moving up unless directed to criss-cross.

14. The completion of the first lap will be when all cars cross the start/finish line after the green flag is displayed. If the caution is thrown before the first lap is finished, the race will be complete re-start in original postions. If a caution is thrown after all cars finishes the first lap, a single file

restart will be used, with the car/cars causing the caution going to the rear of the field.

15. If you spin-out and you pull up on the track intentionally during the race, you may be black flagged for the rest of the race.

16. If the starter determines that a particular car deliberately spins another car, that car will be put in the rear and the car that did spin-out will go back to its original position.

17. If, in the judgement of officials, the leader is spun intentionally on the

last lap, he will be declared the winner and the car causing the spin will be

moved to last place.

18. A black flag will be given if there appears to be a problem with a car and/or unsportsmanlike conduct or driving.

19. Drivers will line up cars immediately upon request. Failure to do so will cause a loss of starting position.

20. Cars will not race back to the caution. Incidents on the white flag lap will be treated as if a caution were displayed.

21. No laps will be scored for cars that cut through the infield.

22. Heat race starting position will be determined by drawing numbers upon registation, or by accumulative point system.

23. Speedway officials reserve the right to temperarily change a car number to avoid duplication.

24. CAR NUMBERS: Numbers must be a minimum of 18" high on both sides of the car and on the top.

25. TIES: In the event of ties or dead heat finishes,or place of finish undetermined by track officials, the questioned places of places will be combined and divided.

26. All cars must be self-starting.

27. No nitrous oxide in any classes or computer control devices.

28. All cars are subject to weight check or inspection by track officials at any time.

29. All cars required to weigh after a race must go to the scales immediately.

30. WEIGHT CATEGORY: If car incurs a weight loss during and event and or before it reached the scales at the end of an event and does not weigh enough it is subject to automatic penalties or disqualification. The ONLY exception will be body parts lost during the race may be added. All ballast weight must be bolted or secured at all times. Any car winning feature must not be touched until it arrives at the scales. If a car requires assistance to scales, official must be present to supervise assistance. Driver must accompany car to the scales. Must have weight displayed on right front fender or hood. Car must exit off turn 1 unless official assistance is required, when reporting to the scales.

31. All cars must have a hook for lifting purposes, both front and rear.

32. No rear view mirror or radio in any division unless otherwise stated.

33. Minimum 4" ground clearance in all classes.

34. Any change in car or driver after completion of qualifications, qualification or heat race will result in car being placed in the rear of the next event for that division.

35. Cars with minor rule infractions may be penalized by adding extra weight for

any 1 race. The penalty will be accessed by the track officials only.