Winchester Speedway



1.Body  rule same as Super Latemodel.

2 Tires: A) Rear  Tires. Shoulder Plated 1600 Hoosier, American Racer 56 or Crate 55. Front Tires Open. Must Stick NO Less than 50 After Qualifying. Tire will be checked with durameter any time ,no chemicals allowed 

3. Carburetor. Stock Holley 4412. Must have choke horn.

Carburetor spacer or adapter will be a maximum of 1" between carburetor and intake.

4.Spoiler & Engine Rules

Factory bore and stroke Rear Spoiler 2325lbs Gas or E85

Over 362 8in rear spoiler  2425lbs   Gas or E85

 604 crate 12 in. rear spoiler  2325 lbs.  Gas or E85 / NES motor rules

 602 crate 12in. rear spoilers, any fuel and four barrel carburetor 2250lbs

Must Meet Weight Requirments at Anytime 

5.Engine: Must have steel heads factory valve angle only and steel block. No dry sump, .

5 No traction control devices; refer to protest rule #10.

6. Only winning car may be protested.Protester must finish in top 5

7. Teardown rule applies to crate motors  604 crates must pull17 in vacuum at 1000 rpm and will be teched  according to Nesmith motor Specs.

8. ATTENTION: Crate Late Model Racers – You have the option to run in the 2 Barrel Late Models at Winchester Speedway.

A) Crate Late Model Rules Apply

B) You can only run in the 2 Barrel Late Model Division or the Crate Late Model Division, CAN’T RACE BOTH CLASSES ON THE SAME NIGHT!!

Updated 06/25/15